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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LNC Chair candidate Hancock on the hardcore 2008 Paul campaign

Libertarian National Committee Chair candidate Ernest Hancock responded to 10 questions posted on IPR for him by saying they will be answered by videos on a DVD he will be mailing to LP national convention delegates. This is the sixth in a series of reports that will use public video and audio archives to anticipate how those questions could be answered.

Question 7 asked about the libertarian credentials of Ron Paul. This video contrasts 1) what Hancock says about how radical the Ron Paul campaign was with 2) statements Ron Paul made in 2008 about entitlements, gay marriage, sales taxes, abortion, immigration, and defederalizing the drug war.

Disclaimer: I, Brian Holtz, will likely not be endorsing any candidate in the 2010 LNC Chair race. My articles on that race are intended to address specific concerns that I think many readers and LP delegates would share about the candidates. I of course cherry-pick the material that I report. As a fellow libertarian, I agree with the vast majority of what I’ve read and heard from the Chair candidates in the dozens of hours I’ve spent reviewing their public record. All my reporting has been biased toward highlighting or correcting their possible deviations from what I think a typical big-tent LP member supports. At the same time, my reporting has been entirely factual and never misleading.

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