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Sunday, May 2, 2010

9/11 Truth Becoming An Issue In LNC Chair Race

A story yesterday on Independent Political Report about the Libertarian National Committee Chair's race has generated a lot of discussion about Chair candidate Ernest Hancock's statement that “if we’re not out there telling the Truth on things like 9/11″ then the LP is “not relevant”.  Here is a comment by Jill Pyeatt, who is on the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party's largest affiliate, California:
We shouldn’t stay away from the 911 Truth issue because it is becoming a force that WILL be reckoned with, sooner or later. Out of respect for a mentor of mine in the party, I kept my 9/11 beliefs quiet when I ran for office in 2008. I find it increasingly difficult to do so, though, because our Iraq and Afghanistan wars are closely tied to the events of that day, and the abominable Patriot Act is also a direct result. Since anti-war is the focus of my activities, I simply won’t keep quiet about the subject any longer.
As the new chair of Region 63 (which is the Pasadena/Glendale area of CA), I organized an event last month where an engineer came out from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and gave a presentation of WTC Tower 7 and its baffling collapse. We had more guests that night than we have in months, maybe years in Region 63, and many of them were new to the group and the Libertarian party. We made $80, as well! The subject is no longer “verboten”.
Tom Blanton was on the LP Virginia Central Committee as recently as 2006, and later was national Chair of the Boston Tea Party.  He wrote in the same discussion:

The events of 9/11 have unleashed a shit storm of unprecedented proportion. The size, scope and power of the government has increased at a rate not seen in most of our lifetimes, justified solely on 9/11. The facts of what lead up to 9/11 and why remain shrouded in a cloak of mystery because of government obfuscation. Even if you believe the cover-up exists merely to minimize government incompetence and blowback caused by bad policies, the truth should be known. To say there is no libertarian principle involved in this issue is to say that government accountability should not be addressed.
The profile of 9/11 Truth within the LP had already been raised somewhat last October, when Las Vegas police shot and wounded former LP Nevada Chair Jim Duensing, who founded the Libertarians For Justice caucus demanding a new investigation into 9/11.

Hancock has long been an advocate for 9/11 Truth, and apparently believes the government can and has purged selected information about 9/11 from the Internet. On Hancock's 2004-05-07 radio show, he talked about the  recollections of air traffic controllers that were recorded soon after 9/11, and how the tapes were soon destroyed by government agents:
Then you start doing some searches, and I can't find anything. You see on, you go to these obscure things that deal with air traffic, and they'll have a reference to a report that kinda sorta looked at it, but they don't really get into the meat of the story. It's like it's been purged from the Internet, and I'm wondering can they do that? Well, of course they do it. If they can, will they? Of course they will.

Two new 9/11-themed posters for the Hancock campaign are now available online:

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