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Friday, April 23, 2010

LNC Chair candidate Hancock on Baldwin

Libertarian National Committee Chair candidate Ernest Hancock responded to 10 questions posted on IPR for him by saying they will be answered by videos on a DVD he will be mailing to LP national convention delegates. This is the fifth in a series of reports that will use public video and audio archives to anticipate how those questions could be answered.

Question 7 asked: Do you still think that in 2008 the Constitution Party nominated “a good hardcore libertarian”? The following video contrasts
  • Hancock talking about the threshold for being considered libertarian
  • Hancock talking about whether 2008 CP nominee Chuck Baldwin is a libertarian
  • various statements and positions taken by Baldwin in his 2008 campaign.

Note: I will not be endorsing any candidate for LNC Chair. The articles and videos from this series of reports are collected here. The facts in these reports are accurate, but they have obviously been chosen and arranged to highlight concerns about the Chair race that a big-tent LP member (like me) might have.

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