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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christine Smith Increases Ron Paul Support And Campaign Commitment

LP Presidential candidate Christine Smith yesterday declared an end to the apparent crisis of resolve that gripped her campaign a couple weeks back. She writes: "the most important thing I can do for liberty right now is to help Ron Paul", but also: "As for my campaign, it is stronger than ever thanks to so many of you. [...] Now, I'm more ready than ever to be the best LP Presidential candidate". On Dec. 6, she had written: "Since writing 'I Will Not Compromise - An Open Letter to libertarians,' I have obviously become even more discouraged, and even more disillusioned about the LP. " The open question is the role played in all this by the criticism in Steve Kubby's Dec 1 open letter (skillfully ghost-written by Tom Knapp?).

Smith also promotes this Saturday radio interview, which is her most substantive yet. She reveals a belief that government (including a "strong military") can and should be financed purely through voluntary contributions. She repeats her claim that the LP is being "infiltrated" by people who do not have liberty as a priority. She says (at 4 minutes into the interview) we need to change the entire LNC and "get libertarians there".

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