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Thursday, December 20, 2007

California Freedom: Ron Paul, War and Peace, etc.

The lastest edition of the LPCA newsletter just came out. Highlights:
  • Multiple postive pieces of content about Ron Paul, including the lead story
  • LPCA LNC Alternate Scott Lieberman LTE "LP is Not a Teaching Tool", and rebuttal by editor Tom Sipos
  • "Pro-war" LTE by Aarde V. Atheian triggered by last month's LTE from out-of-state LP Radicals leader Susan Hogarth. So shrill that Sipos doesn't bother allocating himself his customary equal time for rebuttal.
  • Two more anti-intervention articles. Still no sign that Sipos' new antiwar focus has increased LPCA membership or donations.
  • The new cheaper layout looks great, and will save the LPCA $5000/yr.

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