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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wrights Disavow Then LNC Reappoint

The Bylaws say "No person shall serve as an officer who is not a sustaining member of the Party."  Why would there be a 2/3 LNC vote on whether this Bylaw is still in effect?  Nowhere do the Bylaws say that the only way an LNC member can cease being a member is through either 1) a 2/3 LNC suspension-for-cause vote or 2) an 8.5 attendance failure.  If that were true, then resignation couldn't end one's LNC membership without an associated suspension-for-cause vote.  If resigning from LNC can be a self-executing procedure, then I don't see why not paying your dues can't be.

I would ordinarily say the LNC should just rubber-stamp the appointment of Wrights to his vacancy, but I'm disturbed at this report that he said he'd "never again give a dime to this Party".  He did not campaign in Denver on a platform of boycotting financial support for the LP, and the LNC should not appoint anybody who so advocates.   Wrights should disavow or clarify the alleged statement.

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