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Friday, May 2, 2008

Naming A Radical Libertarian Party

Starchild, why would a radical state-force-abolitionist party want to use the name "Libertarian"?  That name has been thoroughly "watered down" by the ACLU, by constitutionalists like Ron Paul, and by statists from Cato, Reason, U of Chicago, etc -- as well as by an uninterrupted stream of non-abolitionist LP presidential candidates (or was Bergland an anarchist?).
If your new party wouldn't have the intellectual courage to call itself the obvious name (Anarchist Party), then you could use any of:
 Zero Aggression Party
 Non-Aggression Party
 Voluntary Party
 Non-Archist Party
 No First Force Party
 Non-Coercion Party
 Private Law Party
 Secession Party
 Anti-Politics Party
 Zero Government Party
 Anti-Statism Party
I even have a membership pledge/quiz already prepared for your new party:
However, fair warning: I've yet to find anyone radical enough to score a perfect 30 on it.  But if you're running for LNC in Denver and you endorse the whole pledge, then your campaign will get $100 from me.  If you can't score a 30 on it, then fair warning again: those who do score a perfect 30 might someday bolt your party and form a *truly* radical freedom party, rejecting your "watered down"/"lite" radicalism.

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