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Thursday, May 1, 2008

$500 challenge to 3 radical candidates

Less, my complaint isn't about what issues Ruwart is *emphasizing* or not.  My complaint is that Ruwart (and Kubby and Smith) have taken a strong stand in favor of "restoring" the extremist 2004 platform, but that delegates are being kept in the dark about where these candidates stand on the key reformer complaints about that platform.
Here are six controversial provisions of the 2004 platform:
 1) personal secession
 2) immediate non-enforcement of all tax laws
 3) policing of pollution only by torts
 4) privatization of all streets and pipes
 5) legalized child prostitution?
 6) private WMD
For (5), the controversial language is "We call for the repeal of all laws that restrict anyone, including children, from engaging in voluntary exchanges of goods, services or information regarding human sexuality, reproduction, birth control or related medical or biological technologies." 
For (6), the controversial language is "We oppose all attempts to ban weapons or ammunition on the grounds that they are risky or unsafe."
I'm not at all suggesting that any of these candidates emphasize any of these six issues.  I just want the delegates to know where they stand.  If you think you know, then quote them.  For each of these three candidates, I'll donate $25 to their Liberty Decides account for each issue on which you (or anyone else) can quote their campaign web site taking a clear written stand, either endorsing these platform provisions, or explaining how far the Platform should back away from them.  I'll also count quotes from any past publication of theirs if it's a text that their campaign site says accurately reflects their current positions.
A bonus of an extra $25 is available to each candidate who takes a clear written stand on the Sixth Amendment right of the accused to subpoena witnesses.  The 2004 Platform defends the Bill of Rights and "full respect for the rights of the accused", but not many Libertarians seem to realize that the Sixth Amendment endorses initiation of force.
So how about it?  The headline would be "Radicals Corner A Leading Reformer Into Campaign Contributions".  Can it be made a reality?
P.S. Even though Phillies was a late signer to Restore04 and denies being a radical, I'll include him in the offer, with any money going straight to his campaign since he has opted out of Liberty Decides.

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