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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Root, Gravel, and Plumb Lines

Each of the has its own particular "plumb line" (of varying precision).  Root is arguably closer to the Reason/Cato plumb line than Gravel is to his nearest libertarian plumb line, which would be something like that of the geolibertarian Democratic Freedom Caucus.  If Gravel would just say that his education and healthcare safety net should only be provided at the local community level and only financed through community collection of ground rent, then it seems he'd be as good a geolibertarian as Root is a Reason/Cato cosmolibertarian.
David Nolan writes that Gravel has "been misled into believing that the so-called “reform” libertarians are the majority within the LP, and they are not."  If reformers/moderates aren't the majority within the LP, then why did the PlatCom draft's reform/moderate planks get 80% - 90% approval in the survey results that came out this week?

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