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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fiscally Conservative, Socially Tolerant

It's a poorly-worded slogan, but it's our best slogan concept.  Much better wording is any of:
  • Free Minds, Free Markets
  • Civil Liberties, Economic Freedom
  • Market Liberalism
  • Get the Left out of your wallet and the Right out of your bedroom
  • Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility
Our best pitch remains that we are the only choice for anyone who has evolved beyond the obsolete Left-Right dichotomy.  Lots of other parties are for "peace" and for generic "freedom" -- there's even a party here in California called "Peace and Freedom"!
This is why I absolutely oppose any attempt -- however tongue-in-cheek or quixotic -- by Tom Knapp or Carl Milsted or anybody else to set up another party in our quadrant of Nolan space.  That creates the possibility of fragmenting a huge market segment -- 13% to 20% of Americans -- that in principle should be represented exclusively by the LP.  Alas, in practice, we've done far too much to keep them out, on the dubious theory that their ideas might infect us rather than the other way around.  Is libertarianism a candle, or a bonfire?

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