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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Radicalism and Incrementalism

Howard Pearce wrote:

BH) Whatever happened to "Radical does not mean anti-incremental." (BH

HP) Whatever happened to "incremental does not mean anti-radical" ? (HP

The words I quoted to Susan are hers.  The words you quoted to me are not mine.  My position is that

  • Ideological exclusivism is inconsistent with political incrementalism.
  • Ideological ecumenicism is much more consistent with incrementalism than radicalism is.
  • To advocate incrementalist radicalism is a bit like advocating that one get a little bit pregnant, or walk off the cliff instead of run.
  • Radicals should instead favor big-tent ideological ecumenicism, and have a little confidence that when anarchists and minarchists associate in the LP on a level playing field, beliefs will spread in the appropriate direction -- and that the closer minarchists get to the anarchist cliff, the more inviting the leap will look.
LP Vice Chair Chuck Moulton is one anarchist with that confidence.  I'll be very curious to see how radical he remains as he works through the economics PhD program at George Mason.

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