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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Forbid Candidates From Advocating A Consumption Tax?

Stephen Dow wrote:

SD) Is there a specific proposal with any significant backing to insert something about a 'fair tax' into our platform? (SD

There is no such proposal at all, at any level of backing.  As with every major Platform issue -- abortion, pollution, education --, the question is not whether the Platform should endorse a specific proposal of moderate/minarchist libertarianism over a competing specific proposal of of radical/anarchist libertarianism.  Rather, the question is whether or not the Platform should forbid candidates from advocating any proposal that is not on the radical/anarchist roadmap for abolishing the state -- that "roadmap" being essentially a straight line between here and zero state.

In particular, the question is whether any tax reform that would untax savings/investment and reduce the large income tax to a smaller consumption tax would constitute a violation of the old Platform's language that we "oppose any increase in existing tax rates and the imposition of any new taxes".  Remember, the Bylaws require that our nominee conduct his campaign "in accordance with the Platform of the Party".  Some LP radicals want to restore the old language and interpret it as disallowing replacement of the income tax with a excise or sales tax, as has been advocated (respectively) by Ron Paul and  inclusivist/radical LP Vice Chair Chuck Moulton in his congressional campaign. (Chuck, please correct me if I'm remembering your campaign site incorrectly.)

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