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Sunday, February 24, 2008

More LPCA Convention Results

For our region's LNC Representatives (top two win):
  • 34 Mark Hinkle
  • 33 M Carling
  • 28 Rob Power
  • 17 Starchild
For our region's LNC Alternates (top two win):
  • 44 Scott Lieberman
  • 38 Dan Wiener
  • 27 Starchild
For the open seats on the LPCA Executive Committee (top five win):
  • 62 Matthew Barnes
  • 59 Jesse Thomas
  • 49 T.J. Campbell
  • 46 Rob Power
  • 39 Eric Bressen
  • 37 Mark Selzer
  • 29 Starchild
Elected as ExCom alternates were Donna Orlando and Mark Selzer.


Anonymous said...

How do top two win for Rep and Alternate unless CA becomes part of a super-region? At this time, it's just a tad short, but the region will be reorganized in the next couple of months and formalized at the convention in Denver.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing I'm not one of those Libertarians who's obsessed with "winning" or has an inferiority complex about being seen as a "loser," or I'd be feeling seriously put out by these results! But I don't mind losing 1,000 elections for party office if my having stood up and spoken out will result in a stronger, more radical, more principled Libertarian Party.

Brian Holtz said...

Look at it this way: you finished far ahead of those of us who didn't throw our hat in the ring. Also, it's not so bad to lose an election where the winners are all guaranteed to be Libertarians.

FWIW, I voted for you for both LNC and ExCom. I'm a little surprised you didn't use your speech to list your five grassroots values. If we take your votes as a proxy for support of them in spite of your unconventionality, that's not too shabby a result.

Anonymous said...

Again, the LPCa EC is an all male club. perhaps it would be easier to recruit more women if we had more women on our EC.
If the LPCa is eally serious about winning elections, we need women as well as men in our party.
Jonathan Zwickel