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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Root Wins LPCA Straw Poll

The LPCA Convention today held an open instant-runoff straw poll after hearing Burns, Kubby, Jingozian, Phillies and Root debate. The counts of first-preference results were:
  • 20 Wayne Root
  • 12 Steve Kubby
  • 12 Ron Paul
  • 8 George Phillies
  • 3 Jim Burns
  • 2 Christine Smith
  • 2 Mary Ruwart
  • 2 Karen Kwiatkowski
  • 1 Michael Jingozian
  • 1 NOTA
After the IRV process, the results were
  • 31 Root
  • 21 Kubby
All of the 64 anonymous ballots have been made public at

Smith's victory in the Super Tuesday primary seemed to have been anomolous, perhaps explicable by her being the only woman in a very crowded field. By winning convincingly in Kubby's home state, Root has established himself as the front-runner in the campaign. I would now rate the odds of nomination as
  • 50% Root
  • 35% Kubby
  • 10% Phillies
  • 5% Others


Anonymous said...

Steve Kubby had (still has) the flu. Root performed better in the debate.

I don't think that necessarily conveys frontrunner status in Denver.

paulie said...

Steve explains at TPW

"Steve Kubby Says:
February 25th, 2008 at 10:46 am
Root deserved to win. He has reversed his stance on foreign policy, and he spoke well. Unfortunately, I was still sick from the flu and I did not speak well. My head felt like I had half the Pacific Ocean inside. As a result, I had trouble hearing and organizing my thoughts. I also stumbled several times, something I don’t usually do."