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Thursday, December 20, 2007

A.P. Reports on White Supremacist's Donation to Ron Paul

Lone Star Times was trying yesterday to put fresh legs under the story that a white supremacist donated to Ron Paul, by claiming that Wednesday's AP story about it is the first mention in the MSM. However, LST doesn't seem to realize that the Wall Street Journal Online wrote about this on Nov 24, and Mona Charen a week earlier wrote a column mentioning it. LST then updated their story with the revelation that a prominent Nazi is now upset that Ron Paul has distanced himself from the "racialism" movement, and claims he used to meet regularly with Paul and his aides. Prediction: this passing storm will finally prompt Paul to donate the $500 to some appropriate non-Nazi cause.

8pm update: No, Eric Dondero, the pictures of Ron Paul signing an autograph for a neo-nazi at the Values Voter Conference is not a smoking gun. Much more interesting from that event were the libertarian things that Paul said straight to the faces of a fundamentalist Christian audience.

Sat Dec 22: Paul handles the donation issue quite deftly 4 minutes into this Dec 19 Neil Cavuto interview.

1 comment:

Eric Dondero said...

Not a smoking gun to extremist Libertarians and Anarchists, but even libertarian sites are acknoledging that it's a disaster. Look at Liberty Papers today. They're hardcore partisan Libertarians and even they are saying the Don Black deal is horrible.