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Friday, December 21, 2007

'72 LP Nominee Hospers Endorses Root [TPW]

Stephen Gordon reports at Third Party Watch: "Wayne Allyn Root’s Libertarian Party presidential campaign has received the endorsement of the the party’s first presidential candidate, John Hospers." Hospers endorsed Bush in 2004 due to concerns about "Islamo-fascism". In the comments, Eric Dondero slams 2004 LP nominee Michael Badnarik and asserts that two other previous LP nominees (Clark and Marrou) also declined to endorse Badnarik.

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Eric Dondero said...

Yup. I'm 100% certain on Marrou. 90% certain on Clark. So that left Badnarik with only endorsements from David Bergland and an unspoken support from Ron Paul.

That's not too impressive for a Libertarian candidate.

I think there was only one other Libertarian Presidential candidate worse than Badnarik, and that was of course, David Bergland.

At least given all his faults, Badnarik wasn't a bad speaker and did okay on TV interviews. Bergland was a disaster all around at everything he did.

In fact, I think the LP is getting smart, and reacting to the Badnarik disaster by going to the other extreme this time with glitzy media friendly guy Wayne Root.