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Friday, December 21, 2007

LNC's Barr Calls Self "Conservative Republican" In Direct Mail

Carol Moore reports on LPradicals that Libertarian National Commitee member Bob Barr recently sent a fundraising letter for his Bob Barr Leadership Fund, with a reply envelope saying "conservative Republicans like you and me must join together to combat Hillary Clinton and her left-wing cronies". Susan Hogarth posts a scan. Barr explains: "It is an old reply envelope from a few years ago that should’ve been destroyed but unfortunately was sent with a recent mailing." Hogarth is skeptical, and cites FEC records showing the BBLF's $30K in 2008 donations have gone only to Republicans.

The conservative Republican marks targeted by such a letter may not realize that Barr's 30 press releases of 2007 have been consistently libertarian and harshly critical of Bush and the Republicans. The LP is mentioned 1700 times on Barr's site, compared to just once on the site of the Republican endorsed by at least 17 prominent libertarian radicals.

Now, if only Barr had a way to separate liberal Democrats from their money...

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