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Monday, December 7, 2009

LP PlatCom Meeting This Weekend

The 2010 Libertarian Party Platform Committee is meeting this weekend in Las Vegas to adopt its report for the May 2010 convention.  Perhaps due to satisfaction with the "greatest-hits" 2008 platform that the 2008 NatCon delegates assembled out of the best parts of 9 previous LP platforms, there have not been any proposals for rewriting the platform in 2010.  So far, the most prominent themes regarding 2010 have been:
  • defending LP candidates against possible misinterpretation of LP positions,
  • correcting a few semantic bugs the 2008 platform inherited from its greatest-hits language, and
  • smoothing some of the transitions between thoughts inherited from different platforms.
As one of the ten PlatCom reps appointed by the Libertarian National Committee, I'm interested in feedback from the membership about what changes they're most interested in for 2010.  Here is a list of the defects and holes I currently see in the platform, along with examples of how I could support fixing them.  For more information about past and present LP platforms, see here.

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