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Friday, November 13, 2009

Geolibertarianism in one paragraph

All persons have an equal right of access to the natural commons of the Earth, which is air, water, land, minerals, wildlife, spectrum —̶ everything that is not created by persons. The best way to protect Earth's scarce resources is with the the free market. For the market to be truly free, people must not only enjoy the full benefits of their actions, but also pay the full costs when they deplete, pollute, congest, or monopolize the commons. Those who hold land (monopolize a site) have its value increased by local public services. Public services that can't be supported by user fees should be financed only by recovering the extra value they create in the free market for land. This creates pressure to defund public services that the community does not actually value.

GeoLibertarianism can even be summarized in a bumper sticker:

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