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Friday, September 18, 2009 Is Consistently Anti-War And Anti-Right

Let’s take a look at the site that antiwar and anti-Right Libertarians claim is sabotaging their outreach. What do I see on it right now?

  • 2 of 3 items called “headlines” are about the healthcare debate (no surprise), but the other is about repealing DOMA
  • Of the 6 blog entries linked from the front page, the top one is about gay rights, another attacks the GOP, and a third is about the freedom of labor markets. Two are about party-building, so that leaves only one (about the Sep 12 march) that might be naively construed as right-leaning.
  • A poll calling the GOP “hypocritical”.

Now let’s roll back the clock, to the last pre-Benedict snapshot of in the Internet archive. The top 3 out of 4 headlines are antiwar and anti-intervention, while the 4th is about gun rights.
OK, now let’s look for July 1 and Jan 1 snapshots going backward, or as soon after those dates as the archive contains.
July 2007: 3 out of 4 headlines are antiwar, as is the poll.
Feb 2007: two items attack Bush/GOP as big-government, and a blog link attacks nation-building in Iraq.
Jul 2006: The first non-party-business headline is antiwar, two blog headlines promote medical marijuana, and another attacks GOP “values”.
Jan 2006: The top story attacks the Bush over mismanagement of 9/11 recovery loans. All three blog headlines are anti-war or anti-war-on-terror.
Jul 2005: The top headline calls for exit from Iraq; another headline echoes the Downing Street Memo allegations. The poll and top blog entry are also about Iraq.
Jan 2005: Only three issue links: supporting Bill of Rights, attacking corporate welfare for sports teams, and something about toll roads in Texas.
Jul 2004: Top two issues headlines: defending “Fahrenheit 9/11″, and protesting the Iraq war at the GOP convention.
Jan 2004: Only three issue links: taxes, campaign finance, and fathers’ rights.
Jul 2003: Pledge of allegiance, opposing eminent domain used for corporate welfare, opposing the broadness of disorderly-conduct ordinances.
Jan 2003: A picture of Bush and a headline attacking his “global warfare” —even before the Iraq war started.
OK, that takes our sampling all the way back to before the Iraq war. It’s simply nonsense to say the LP hasn’t been antiwar, or that the site hasn’t disagreed with the Right loudly and often. Antiwar and anti-right Libertarians need to stop making stuff up.