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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Resign From Knapp's Shadow Cabinet

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I resign from the shadow cabinet organized by Tom Knapp.

When I agreed to the appointment, I didn't notice that the "Jim" being appointed as shadow NASA Administrator was the same person who has written that I am "scum", "authoritarian", "mad with power", that I "like to see women and children massacred", and that I am a "bloodthirsty coward".  Not surprisingly, he admits he is "obnoxious and disliked, I know it’s true. So what?"

Mr. Davidson may have no qualms serving alongside someone he describes in this manner, but my standards are different.  This takes the whole "Team of Rivals" concept a little farther than I'm willing to go.

Observers of this shadow cabinet project are invited to test its commitment to transparency by counting how many minutes before this posting gets censored under some rationale or other.  It will be interesting to see if Mr. Knapp is willing to live his Boston Tea Party values about airing dirty laundry -- or if his standards about transparency are different in a context where he wields ultimate authority.  Mr. Knapp is running for President of the United States, so his actions here could plausibly be taken as a preview of those he would take in the Oval Office.

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