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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wayne Root Running For LP Chair

2008 Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate Wayne Root announced tonight at the LP of California annual convention that he will be running for Chair of the LP at its 2010 national convention in St. Louis.

Root still plans to run for the 2012 LP Presidential nomination.  In his energetic speech to an LPCA fundraising banquet tonight, he also said that he has changed his mind and now supports the Fair Tax.  Root said that the Fair Tax should be a replacement for all other taxes on income, production, business, payroll, capital gains, and inheritance.  He contrasted in vivid detail the differences in taxation and business climate between California and his own state of Nevada.

Root also said he could solve the problems in America's financial and housing markets by offering instant residence [I'm not sure if he said citizenship] to any immigrant willing to invest $250,000 in an American home or business.  Root will discuss these ideas in more detail in his nearly-400-page forthcoming book, The Conscience Of A Libertarian.

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