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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did LP Reformers Prescribe A "Conservative"?

The word "conservative" is of course not in the Reform playbook -- except as something to be distinguished from Libertarian. Wayne Root does a decent job of that (e.g., but Barr doesn't. Barr got us more votes and more media than any alternative other than Paul would have, but that media has to be discounted somewhat the by suboptimal branding necessitated by Barr's strategy.

The Barr/Verney play was to try to appeal beyond the 13%-20% lessarchist vote to Perot/Paul/Goldwater-type conservatives in hopes of creating political momentum for federalist and fiscally conservative policies.

That could have had libertarian-friendly results, and might have helped grow the LP, but it's not the Reform play.

The Reform play is to distinguish the Libertarian brand as the only ballot choice that is neither liberal nor conservative, and to unite all the voters who seek both more personal liberty and more economic liberty.

Root or Phillies were more suited for the Reform play. The Barr/Verney strategy was worth trying in the year of the R3volution, but only if Paul was going to be friendly to it. If anybody in Denver predicted Paul's reaction, I'd appreciate a citation. Root was compatible with both strategies, and that's why I voted for him on every ballot except Phillies on the first and Barr on the last.

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