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Sunday, September 14, 2008

World's Smallerest Political Quiz

The ten questions of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz by the Advocates For Self-Government can be squeezed onto one side of a business card, but the quiz doesn’t mention such issues as self-defense, farm subsidies, wage/hiring rules,  government banking, health care, education, reproductive rights, risk-taking, mandated religious observance, or ending the income tax.

Here is an iframe-embeddable Javascript version of a quiz that covers all these issues, collecting twice as many data points as the WSPQ while still fitting on one side of a business card. It also includes a menu to plot the positions of various political parties and movements. A collection of similar quizzes is here.

The quiz includes two unscored positions. The question on foreign policy is unscored because it is orthogonal to the axes of personal and economic liberty. The last question is a shameless plug for a Green Tax Shift, which alas is still too esoteric to help measure where one falls on the traditional Nolan Chart.

Bob Barr reportedly scores a 100/100 on the WSPQ, which is arguably accurate if you interpret its ten questions as being only about the federal government that he’s proposing to lead. Depending on which of his pronouncements you listen to, Ron Paul could claim a WSPQ 100/100 even without the federal scope limitation. However, neither would score a 100/100 on the above quiz, due to some combination of their answers on taxes, abortion, and gay marriage.

Bryan Caplan’s Libertarian Purity Test is not a Nolan-chart-type quiz, but it would be interesting for anarcholibertarian fans of Ron Paul to try to score him on it by proxy. I figure the good doctor gets about an 88, three points more than me. (Caplan’s test doesn’t ask about reproductive rights, gay marriage, or sales/excise taxes.)

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