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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What LNC Should Have Said To Ron Paul

In the wake of Libertarian nominee Bob Barr declining to attend Ron Paul's press conference last week for "principled" third-party candidates, the Libertarian National Committee reportedly will neither apologize to Ron Paul nor formally urge Paul's support of its ticket. If LNC wanted to say something formally to Ron Paul, it should have said something like this:

The Libertarian National Committee regrets that last week you and Bob Barr missed a chance to stand together for liberty. Many in the freedom movement are disappointed that you urged Americans to "send a message" by voting for "principled candidates" like Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney and Chuck Baldwin -- or by being a "principled non-voter". Examining the principles of these candidates makes us even more committed to our Libertarian nominees for President and Vice President, Bob Barr and Wayne Root. Unlike their opponents, our nominees boldly proclaim the fundamental principles of your Campaign For Liberty -- especially "that freedom is an indivisible whole, and that it includes not only economic liberty but civil liberties and privacy rights as well".

In American politics there are many who campaign against the Establishment, and seek to infringe on our individual rights in a somewhat different way than does the current two-party duopoly. There are very few in American politics who actually campaign for liberty. In the presidential election this fall, there will be only one choice available to voters who want to be counted both as supporting the Constitution and as opposing the nanny state's efforts to protect us from our own personal and economic choices. We urge you to campaign for liberty by supporting the one presidential ticket that is most faithful to the enduring libertarian principles of your 1988 and 2008 races for the presidency.

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