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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dead Sea Scrolls: the 1972 LP Temporary Platform

Hooray for D. Frank Robinson, Chair of the original 1972 LP Constitution and Bylaws Committee, for today posting the original Temporary LP Platform:
It's very similar to the Platform adopted in 1972, except even more explicitly minarchist in a few key sentences.  There is one noteworthy difference that I want to immediately propose adopting in Denver.  The language in green below (i.e. everything after "and so") is all from the Temporary Platform, and the preceding red language is from the 2004 Platform.  (I'm on the fence about whether to keep the third sentence.)
2.2. Environment and Resources
Individuals have the right to homestead unowned resources.  Pollution of other people's property is a violation of individual rights, and so we support effective and judicious anti-pollution laws. Such laws must set forth objective standards for determining what are reasonable and unreasonable emissions.  In recognition that much of our pollution problem has arisen because air and water are treated as "free", we shall work for the establishment of pricing mechanisms based on property rights in the air and water -- thus providing economic sanctions against pollution.  We oppose all attempts to transform anti-pollution efforts into a general movement against technology, or the use of anti-pollution efforts to destroy personal freedom.
I also propose this short and sweet Energy plank, recycled from 1976 language:
2.3. Energy
We oppose all government control of energy pricing, allocation, and production.  We oppose liability limits for nuclear accidents, and favor privatization of the atomic energy industry. 

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