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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Dead Hand Steering the LP

No, Alex, Rothbard wasn't a founder of the LP, but in fact criticized the formation of the LP and endorsed Nixon over McGovern (and thus over the LP candidate) in 1972.   Later he hijacked the LP, radicalized it by rewriting its Platform with Bill Evers, hollowed it out by pushing away the Cato Institute people (shouting "Never Again!" about a 1980 Clark campaign that to me sounds more radical than Ruwart's "healing" rhetoric), and once he started to lose his control over it, discarded the broken LP and returned to the GOP to endorse Pat Buchanan.  Good job, Murray.
And Bill Evers?  He left the LP to become an advisor to George W. Bush, and worked in Iraq in the occupation government before taking his current position in -- wait for it -- the federal Department of Education. In fact, the entire leadership of the Rothbard-era Radical Caucus -- Rothbard, Evers, Garris, Raimondo, Costello, Hunter, Rockwell -- abandoned the LP for the GOP and its candidates.  And yet their dead hand still steers the ideology of the LP.  No wonder Lew Rockwell says there has been "a brain drain from the LP"; our ideology is controlled now mostly by spinal reflexes and nerve signals from phantom limbs.

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