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Monday, March 10, 2008

Comparing Kubby and Root Online

The searches you want to compare are these:
"wayne allyn root" OR "wayne root"
"steve kubby" OR "steven kubby" OR "steven wynn kubby"
Root wins on Google 59K to 45K.
Kubby wins on Yahoo 242K to 177K
Kubby wins on MSN 69K to 47K
Root wins on Google News last 30 days 25 to 13
Root wins on Google News Archives since 1980 327 to 239
Kubby wins on Google Blog Search 1376 to 1056
Kubby wins Technorati blog search 191 to 172
Root wins on Alexa site traffic rank last 3 months 912K to 1078K
Root wins on Alexa site traffic rank last week 412K to 2811K
Kubby's blog wins on Technorati inbound linkers, 119 to 0
Root's site wins on Yahoo inbound linkers, 237 to 126
Kubby wins on Wikipedia priority, Jan 2006 vs. Jan 2007 (but Kubby created the article on himself)
With Root announcing wins in Colorado and Michigan (again among convention delegates as in California), his grip on the nomination is increasing even beyond the 50% odds I gave after San Diego.   Does anyone have numbers from Colorado and Michigan (or from the LPAZ vote for that matter)?

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