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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Roderick Long's Anarchy Petition

Prof. Roderick Long has started a Petition to Abolish the Government of the USA. That is, he's petitioning to abolish surely the only government in human history that is explicitly founded on the natural right of rebellion against unjust government, and that enshrines the right to circulate such a petition -- rather than welcoming such a petition as an easy way to identify state enemies. Kudos to Long for braving the obvious rejoinders about irony, and taking a clear stand against the institution of American government, whose founding and founders are so often lionized by hypocritical anti-statist libertarian radicals.

Tom Knapp is signatory #2, but I doubt we'll be seeing self-described constitutionalist (yet "plumbline" radical) Steve Kubby sign.

As cute as this petition is, even cuter is how the first commenter on Long's blog posting thinks it's only a matter of time before the government "shuts down" the petition.

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