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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Outright Libertarians Endorse Phillies

The Outright Libertarians on Jan 16 endorsed George Phillies for the LP Presidential nomination, saying:
there was only one Libertarian with a perfect score on our scorecard who was actively campaigning (for himself, not for some major-party candidate), who had a truly national campaign, who was receiving media attention (including magazines and television), and who has continued to receive FEC-reportable campaign contributions that are better than any Libertarian candidate in recent history.
The claim about campaign contributions is plausible but I haven't verified it. "Campaigning for himself" is a misleading dig at Steve Kubby, who is campaigning for himself but who endorses Ron Paul and says he'll withdraw if Ron Paul "becomes the Republican nominee".

The backstory here is that Outright Chair Rob Power said on Nov 21 that Kubby had "dropped out", and was induced by Kubby aide Tom Knapp to apologize on Nov 27. Knapp reacted to the endorsement by writing on the Outright forum:
Phillies (and apparently Outright) are defenders of the rights of white, English-speaking LGBTQ people who happen to have been born on one particular side of an imaginary line drawn on the ground by a politician. Brown, Spanish-speaking LGBTQ people on the other side of that line need not apply.
Power summarily demanded that Knapp apologize or be expelled, and Knapp replied that he was
unaware that accurate characterizations of a candidate's positions and an organization's actions constituted "personal attacks."
(I already found out the hard way that on the Outright forum, truth is not considered a defense if the Outright leadership doesn't like the truth in question. The Outright thought police never offered any public response to my appeal of their moderator's intemperate and self-serving expulsion of me. Nor has Power ever defended or apologized for his earlier lies and personal attacks against me.)

Kubby aide Pauli Cannoli tried to mend fences on the Outright forum by giving a detailed critique of Phillies' position on immigration and saying:
Just as I would never imply that Outright Libertarians endorse George Phillies' views on immigration (although individual members may or may not), just because you have endorsed him for President, I hope that Outright Libertarians will not imply that Steve Kubby endorses views that Ron Paul holds on gay rights, immigration, abortion, and a number of other issues, just because he has offered a qualified endorsement for Ron Paul's presidential campaign.
Phillies has been posting on the forum, but I've never seen him answer Paul on immigration there or anywhere else. The answer Phillies ought to give is here.


Anonymous said...

There is no Pauli.

The letter E is your friend.

Unknown said...

I have asked Dr. Phillies on several occasions how his position is "the same" as the LP platform, which concludes:

"Repeal all measures that punish employers for hiring undocumented
workers. Repeal all immigration quotas."

He's welcome to answer here or anywhere else.

Paul(ie with an E)