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Monday, January 14, 2008

Gene Burns Quitting Libertarian Party

A listener of the Gene Burns talk radio show says the one-time 1984 LP presidential front-runner announced on-air today that he is re-registering as a Democrat because he was tired of participating in a "quixotic effort". Burns' profile on The Advocates site is here. Burns was the front-runner for the LP nomination until he withdrew right before the 1983 NatCon, apparently feeling misled about how much financial and organization support he could expect his campaign to receive. The scramble to replace him led to the catastrophic NatCon showdown that ended with the Crane/Koch/Cato Institute faction leaving the LP. A reasonably fair narrative is here; a taste of the Rothbardian venom that drove the Cato folks out is here.


Anonymous said...

I used to Listen to Gene religously but feel that he is either being pursuaded towards the ABC/DISNEY philosophies or that he is getting too lazy to report the truth or is a sly fox.
He once mentioned that his nephew is a Ron Paul fanatic and I got him to say that he would be "happy" with Ron Paul as his President.
I think he should retire from ABC radio to clear his head.
Comeback Gene!!!!

anthonyx26 said...

No need to worry...Gene Burns is still Gene Burns regardless of which political party affiliation he has. If you loved him before you'll still love him today. He'sone of the few honorable, honest men of talk radio left.

This will give the democrats a man with true convictions and political thought. The democrats are lucky to have him on their side, but don't expect him to always follow party lines.

Clearly, I don't think his departure from the Libertarian party was a bad decision (even though I'm still an LP card carrying member myself). I think he would have been better off choosing an independent voting status, as that would probably be more reflective of who he is.

- anthonyx26