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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Endorsements by Cobb, Ruprecht, Rohrabacher

Joe Cobb is a libertarian economist from the University of Chicago who worked for the Reagan White House and a couple of Republican congressional committees. He is signing onto the Steve Kubby campaign as chief economic advisor, and advises Kubby to announce that as President he would stop collecting the income tax.

Dave Ruprecht is a TV personality and the former Executive Director of the LPCA. Third Party Watch reported on Jan 7 that Ruprecht is endorsing Wayne Allyn Root for President.

California Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher is a former libertarian radical and one of the most consistently libertarian-leaning congressmen. He endorsed Mitt Romney on Jan 22.

California state senator Tom McClintock is a favorite of many LPCA members. With Fred Thompson out of the race, he is leaning toward supporting Ron Paul.

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