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Friday, December 28, 2007

Dondero on Rothbard c. 1989-1992

Estranged former Ron Paul aide Eric Dondero quotes what he says was the Jan 1992 issue of the Rothbard-Rockwell report:
As if our prayers were swiftly answered by Heaven, we now have that candidate and that leader: Pat Buchanan.

One might well ask: what about Ron Paul? In November, we called for Ron Paul to enter the Republican primaries, and we joined an exploratory committee to test the waters for that race. We generated an enormous amount of interest from libertarians and conservatives, and from the media, starved fro some kind of contest in what had looked like a torpid and boring Bush coronation in 1992. Ron was determined tht Bush would ot go unchallenged, but he was no anxious for personal reasons to make the race. When Pat phoned him, without hesitation, Ron welcomed Pat's entry into the race, and pledged his support to the Buchanan effort. Unlike most libertarians, Ron Paul understands the real world of politics, and he realizes that in Pat Buchanan we have an unprecedented opportunity to forge a powerful coalition, to create a new libertarian-conservative, Old Right movement.
I knew that Rothbard had endorsed Buchanan in 1992, but I hadn't known Ron Paul did.

Dondero also relates a story about Rothbard's quitting the LP -- a subject given conspicuously scant attention in Justin Raimondo's Rothbard biography:
It was 1988/89/90. Rockwell and I were part of the "Anti-Berglandista" brigades within the Libertarian Party. We were the faction bent on stopping the rampant corruption with the LP of Perry Willis, Michael Cloud Emerling and many others. Others in our Houston-centered group included: Murray Rothbard, Dr. Matt Monroe, Michael Holmes, Burt Blumert, Jeff Tucker, (at times) Paul Jacob, and the group's savage attack dog Alan Lindsay. We lost at the 1989 LP Convention in Philly, and the Berglandistas took complete control of the Party.

Even though we lost in Philly, for years after that Rockwell and Rothbard savaged the LP in the pages of their RRR (Rothbard-Rockwell Report), exposing every imaginable huckster scheme of the LP leadership, and also handstringing the 1992 Andre Marrou for President Campaign. (I won't digress here, but let's just say Rockwell's attack dog at the time, Alan Lindsay accused Marrou and the LP of philandering, lying to contributors, and of using a dead Panama Conflict Military Vet to raise money for the LP.)
Dondero is not always a very jealous guardian of his own credibility, but the basic facts in the above reports sound authentic.

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