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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christine Smith Values Discussing Ideas

LP presidential hopeful Christine Smith says in a Christmas message (with endearing photos of her in the snow) that "true sharing and discussing of ideas is the only thing I value". Here is the paragraph in which she says it:
Likewise, I have learned the absolute necessity, for my own peace of mind and so that my time and energy is best spent in actions that will promote liberty, to abstain from engaging with those who wish only to argue from their egos; for their eyes are not for seeing nor their ears for hearing since their minds are already made up. They seek only to provoke reactions, not engage in true sharing and discussing of ideas which is the only thing I value. To patiently watch, gain experience with, and thereby discern other's motives is a strength in life and certainly in politics. Politics is a world that attracts liars as I've learned firsthand. My choice is to observe, learn, and go on with good actions I can take which I think will advance liberty--that's my mission -- and thus I do not waste my time with those I've learned are untrustworthy and deceitful.
For my part, I much prefer to discuss ideas with those who disagree with me/them, since that practice seems more likely to result in me learning or me influencing -- a no-lose situation.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Paranoia will destroy ya.

I tried to ask Christine some questions in good faith, to learn more about her, and posted them quite a few places.

She ignored them. Oh well.